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At at the Front of AI, a new partnership is born

between PNY and NetApp!

Data Management, an essential part of the AI infrastructure

Artificial intelligence has become more widespread as organisations strive to develop machine learning solutions for automation and innovation. However, the amount of data required to effectively train these artificial neural networks is immense. Organisations require significant processing power and storage capacity to run their AI projects, all of them managing and consuming large volumes of data.

To meet the requirements successfully, the solutions developed by AI players must be easy to implement and guarantee uninterrupted data transmission from one end of the chain to the other: from the edge to the cloud, via the heart of the data centre. As one of the top priorities of the digital economy, its importance is strategic and all business sectors stand to gain: transforming raw data into intelligence to gain competitiveness, and intelligence potential.

"Companies and organizations of all sizes and across many industries are turning to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to solve real-world problems, deliver innovative products and services, and to get an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace. As organizations increase their use of AI, ML, and DL, they face many challenges, including workload scalability and data availability” describes Kristian Kerr, Channel Vice President EMEA for NetApp. “This requires a lot of knowledge from different players. With PNY, NVIDIA, and NetApp, out partners have the support of the very best in the market and can comfortably position themselves in this long-term growth sector of the industry"

Kristian KerrChannel Vice President EMEA for NetApp.

Supporting customers with NVIDIA AI solutions and NetApp hybrid cloud storage

NetApp and PNY are teaming up to provide customers with systems featuring NVIDIA accelerated computing.
With over 20 years of expertise in selling NVIDIA solutions, first with professional workstation graphics cards and now as a global supplier of NVIDIA solutions, PNY has the knowledge to meet all the needs of professionals who want to deploy AI. PNY works with partners across all distribution channels, including wholesalers, Workstation System Integrators, NVIDIA Partner Network members, and value-added resellers.

This new collaboration with NetApp allows PNY to strengthen its global AI offerings with complete clusters that meet the requirements of high -performance AI.

This includes AI computing with NVIDIA DGX systems, NVIDIA Networking and NetApp data management. PNY will rely on NetApp ONTAP AI solutions, one of the first converged infrastructure stacks to incorporate NVIDIA DGX A100 systems, and NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet switches, to propose AI clusters of up to 10 nodes.

“As enterprises adopt AI to advance their businesses, customers are seeking integrated solutions that simplify end-to-end development and deployment,” said Carlo Ruiz, EMEA director of AI Data Center Solutions and Operations at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA, PNY and NetApp have a long history of working together to power our customers’ most challenging projects, and our expanded collaboration brings customers more options for accelerated computing that meet the requirements of today’s challenging AI initiatives.”

Jerome BelanCEO PNY EMEA

Real expertise in the distribution of AI solutions

PNY will offer channel partners access to cutting-edge technology and experience brought by the PNY team of experts. PNY can design, optimize and install any type of AI cluster, or AI systems applied deep learning and machine learning, from the simplest to the most complex installation. Personalised support is available to help professionals define precise specifications in order to find the right solutions.

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