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Why SmartSpaces ?

SmartSpaces offers real-time analytics for various devices and locations, providing you with immediate access to business intelligence. The platform includes its own analytics dashboard and alerts to help you visualize trends and obtain valuable insights.

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Al on the edge refers to the use of cutting-edge algorithms directly on the device to minimize delays, enhance scalability, and reduce expenses.

The intuitive analytics dashboard displays all the pertinent information at a glance and offers integrated analytics for both current practices and future predictions.

SmartSpaces can be seamlessly integrated with SmartCam, making SmartCam data accessible and analyzable through a centralized dashboard.

SmartSpaces can easily scale with FleetTrackr through plug and play compatibility, which allows for the effortless addition or removal of nodes from the system.

Analytics and alerts dashboard

Receive up-to-the-minute updates on all activities happening within and around your business in real-time.

Easily access all pertinent information on your screen. Our customizable dashboards can be tailored to your specific requirements, emphasizing critical details, and enabling your team to make informed decisions.

Create reports as needed.

Empower the collection of actionable insights from various areas of interest by enabling the use of multiple dashboards.

Heat map

Facilitate the management of the AI lifecycle by providing users with a user-friendly interface that allows them to remotely program, reprogram, push, and schedule updates with ease.

Path tracing

The path tracing model emphasizes the commonly preferred routes utilized by both customers and staff within a particular space, providing valuable insights into customer behavior. This model not only helps businesses to better understand shopper movement but also highlights ideal locations for product placement.

Path tracing

Real-time detection can enhance the security and safety of your premises by triggering alerts whenever suspicious activities are identified in monitored areas.

Face mask detection

Face mask detection

Intrusion detection

PPE detection

Rush hour prediction

Leverage rush hour prediction to prepare your staff for the busiest times of the day. This model enables effective queue management, resulting in shorter customer waiting times and an improved shopping experience. By anticipating the expected number of customers, rush hour prediction facilitates intelligent staff management and ensures that shop floors are appropriately staffed.

Footfall prediction

Leverage SmartSpaces to gain a deeper understanding of footfall data, which can lead to higher conversion rates and more efficient staff management. By accounting for all people who enter and exit a designated area or space, SmartSpaces provides a wealth of data.

With this data, you can make operational and strategic decisions backed by irrefutable evidence. Our solution translates footfall predictions into comprehensive reports, empowering your business to allocate marketing and operational budgets with precision.

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