Joining forces to offer Edge AI solutions for Smart Cities

Smartcow PNY

PNY and SmartCow, an AI engineering company specialising in video analytics and AIoT devices, just announced a strategic partnership to bring AI smart city solutions and support development throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India.
Through this partnership, PNY will gain access to streamlined, comprehensive smart city infrastructure and AI applications and hardware from SmartCow, enabling PNY to strengthen its position as a global provider of artificial intelligence solutions and accelerate the digital transformation of cities globally. In addition to its technical expertise, PNY also provides partners with an unprecedented level of pre-sales and logistical support to help them better understand the solutions.

Smartcow PNY

We are excited to be developing additional AI projects and building more smart cities for our clients, alongside the PNY team. Our AI algorithms, intelligence systems and resulting insights help PNY customers make informed decisions and build systems that enable productive, useful, safe and healthy lifestyles

Ravi Kiran. KSmartCow Founder & CEO

Smart Cities Infrastructure

PNY celebrates over 35 years of success as a provider of electronic solutions for several high growth markets, making it a unique player in this market. With our constant focus on innovation, quality, reliability, and support of excellence, PNY helps you win your challenges.

PNY Smart Cities Ecosystem


Ultron is an edge AI platform with sensor fusion capability that brings high computing power to the edge for industrial applications requiring logic-based decisions for automated processes and machines. Ultron is built for smart city and smart manufacturing that can leverage its high computing power and low latency for AI vision applications in various configurations from smart factories to road intersections, and home automation projects.

Apollo Development Kit

Apollo is an audio/video AI development kit based around the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX computing module, enabling developers to build applications with image, conversational, and audio AI capabilities. It includes built-in microphones, speaker terminals, a camera module, and an OLED display.


A small but mighty AI camera with high-resolution sensors suitable for automated optical inspection, for application in smart factories and other AIoT embedded systems.


Mars is the rugged IP65 box designed by NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin. Suitable for complex AI models of huge amounts of video input analysis and large data transmission .Support 24/7 Out-Of-Band(OOB) Management for remote control and device recovery.


An AI Edge Fanless Network Video Recorder with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX and 8-port PoE. This system is ideal for Machine Vision applications allowing up to 8 Gigabit Ethernet cameras to be connected.


AI Edge Fanless embedded system with NVIDIA Jetson NX, TX2 NX, Nano module. This system is capable of operating multiple neural networks or processing several high-resolution images at the same time.

City Station

AIoT Platform for Data Acquisition and Control Systems, with Edge device equipped with Jetson Xavier NX module, weather sensors support real time monitor of multiple outdoor air quality indicator and suitable for Smart City and Autonomous Infrastructure


Athos is an AI embedded system for NVIDIA® Jetson™ modules. Compatible with Jetson Xavier™ NX modules, Athos is specifically designed for high performance and low-power envelope AI computing. It is suitable for general robotics, UAV, industrial inspection, medical imaging, and deep learning.


SuperCam is an NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™ powered rugged AI camera. It collects and processes video analytics at the edge to reduce latency, increasing the adaption of edge servers. SuperCam comes equipped with a 4K rolling shutter, fixed-lens camera sensor, and a global shutter sensor with a motorized lens.

For more Information on SMARTCOW and Smart Cities Solutions available at PNY, Contact the PNY Team