Strengthen your virtual network with the right vGPU for your business

As demand for sharper, faster graphic displays increases, so does the need for a GPU (graphics processing unit) that can manage heavy workloads. A virtual GPU offers a seamless solution to keep up with the acceleration in digital technology.

A vGPU provides interactive access to the server and high-performance graphic delivery, wherever your organization’s employees are located. From virtual desktops and apps to intense server usage, vGPU is the perfect solution for all categories of enhanced graphics.

This state-of-the-art software promises sharp displays and minimal loading times for digital images and videos. The powerful and smooth graphic delivery is ideal for AI, big data, deep learning, and Data Science, keeping everyone connected without overloading the local server. Data storage in the Cloud avoids the potential for internal server data loss or theft and offers the highest levels of security.

Choose from a selection of vGPU licenses tailored to your requirements: for desktop Windows Applications, virtual desktops, 3D content creation and computer-intensive server workloads.

Virtual GPU technology enables your organization to create and deliver enhanced 3D and other graphical applications with ease. Creatives, engineers, and scientists can maximize their use of the vast volumes of data available on the virtual server to collaborate and pool resources, thus saving time, storage, and costs. PNY’s experience in data visualization can assist your organization with presenting data innovatively and efficiently.

In partnership with NVIDIA, PNY has launched an updated version of the virtual GPU platform, allowing you to select the license that suits your needs. Created to meet the needs of all levels of virtualization, this latest software configurator is easy to download and implement.

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