Join PNY’s Smart Cities Deployment Webinar on December 1st, 2021

Date : December 1st, 2021

Time : 11am CET I UTC (+4) 3pm

Duration : 1 hour inclunding Q&A


Smart cities are quickly becoming mainstream policy priority for governments and decision makers due to the wide acceptance of Internet of Things aka IoT, smart facilities and connected devices.

Watch this free webinar to learn the latest on smart cities and infrastructures, smart buildings and how efficiently large scale deployment can be done, and how the Edge AI technology are changing our lives environment. During the Webinar a big highlight will be made on the Sultanate of Oman Smart city strategy.


  • How NVIDIA Metropolis is empowering Smartcities deployments all over the world with GPU based solutions.
  • PNY Technologies Europe technological offering allowing the coverage of real use cases for a smart city.
  • Startups from NVIDIA Metropolis allowing the deployment of innovative solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence at the EDGE.
  • Sultanat of Oman strategy in deploying Smartcity strategy.
  • Tips to get started developing EDGE AI solutions.
  • How to supercharge Smartcities EDGE AI deployment.


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